The company name Coap b.v. was established in the north of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Europe) in 1990 and growing constantly.

Coap is present in the market of more than fifteen countries with 600 employees worldwide.

The company is very much active in the US and European market for the sale and marketing of pneumatic components.

Coap is manufacturing pneumatic components for industrial automation used in all branches of industries and can be operated in hash working condition.

The company has become globally known due to high quality, reliability and durability. The service support and application know how of our global partners are the key elements of our success.

Coap keep the quality its top priority and take care of the development of new products and invest over 5% of its annual turnover for research and development (R&D) which design new products.

Our product support division is responsible to design and produce special products as per customer’s specific requirements.